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lol server....disconnect for 5-10min...lose 3 lvl at least 2 turret, tons of kill

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lol server....disconnected for 5-10min in middle of the game...internet work, can connect to google, but apparently not to their game while...other player have it working...
lose 3 lvl at least 2 turret (2 turret only in my lane), tons of kill (5v4)
lose game....lose lp....

wtfux is going on with their server...it kinda sux to have a 100% lose game like that where u cant come back cause they in ur base and threaten bd because u couldnt def turret because of technical issue with their server or game or w/e?
basically won most of team fight after reconnect but couldnt push cause they killed inib...

rage...fix ur server or your game, if u wanna have a decent ranked game...rawr...