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Complaining about ELO Hell

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So start off trying to invade. Go in, take their red, get out. It was nice; gave us a good opening advantage without losing anything for it.

Now, I'm jungle. Before I have so much as even killed wolves, every teammate has died in their lanes. By midgame, I am responsible for 2/3s of the kills for my team, but soon the score is 20 points in favour of the enemy team.

We lost the game. Our midlaner complained about how much I suck.

Yet in other games, I will get a good number of kills and assists, and have 0 deaths. I don't feel I'm bad, yet I started out this season at Bronze 4. "'where did you start in? Bronze 2?' 'oh, I'm still unranked...'" Even after almost 40 games, I am still at the bottom of Bronze 4!

After this, and my experiences last season, I'm just left feeling like the outcome of the game is not at all related to my skill level.

I think there should be a ranking below "Bronze," where, perhaps you could advance out of very quickly, but that would help to contain the sheer amount of just awful players that are inundating my games!