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Looking for a new team or subbing for DD

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DG Denz Brujah

Senior Member


As the topic says i'm searching for a new team as my last one has decided to hang it up ... I want to thank them for the opportunities they gave me. Sadly outside of DD we never really played together (just a bunch of trolique players who bounded together) and that caused us to stagnate and never make it past the major teams ... I am available for practices/scrimmages usually from 9pm - 12am EST. I own all champs, all pages, all viable runes etc. I tend to play tanks/bruisers/Derps ... With a handful of APs with some skill. I am not worried about my record and can take criticism( evansu loves giving me hints to make me better ) so I am willing to do and learn what needs to be done to win.. So if anyone is interested I can be found in the dominate dominion chat room