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Australian Ranked LoL team

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Hello, I'm Australian, 17, looking for a serious LoL team with a irl friend whos username is 'Adam the dild0' (no 0, its an o) who is 18, mains Adc (Bot) & Top, but prefers Top lane.
Adam has been playing for 1 Year now, and i have been playing for 2 years, i main Mid & Support.

We have only recently actually started getting into ranked side of things this season (s3), after alot of experience in normal queues.
Currently we have a ranked team but we have inactive members who dont actively play....

All we ask for is for an active team who are serious but can enjoy the game and has voice chat.
Thankyou for reading this and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.
Please leave a reply below if interested and/or add us on LoL

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Junior Member


Im from sydney
Role main:Adc
Rank:Gold Division 3
IGN: Von Minx

I'm interested depending on how good you are

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Fresh oo

Junior Member


Im from WA
age: 13
Main role: support or mid
Rank Silver Division
IGN: Daneee

I have access to skype and mumble if needed.

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Hi, I'm from Melbourne.

Age: 18
Main Roles: AD Carry, Support or AP Caster.
Rank: Bronze Div.
Positive: Can Flex any lanes except jungle but can learn.
IGN: Femox
Communication: TS3 preferred but also have Skype.
Active: 5pm - 12am weeknights, Anytime over weekends due to availability.

Serious player, looking to gain experience and become a better player.
Excited for the new oceania server coming soon <3