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Boosting troll help !!!

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Junior Member


So i just go finished geting destroyed in a ranked match . I was zyra mid vs a trist mid ap . Now normaly i would have no problem with a trist but she was doing massive dmg almost 1 hiting me with her ult at level 10 . My team and me were confused on how she was this good at a bronze divsion 4 match . I have great stats with mid zyra so i was shocked .
Then this gets posted in chat .http://nabooster5000.weebly.com/

Somone else was playing trist acount boosting them through the tiers . Im guessing a high tier player . Pls review the website and pass judgment .I didnt mention the name of the player for security so contact me for more info .

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i used to have a free webpage on weebly
also helped create my friends webpage...she uses weebly...http://www.rubyridgetofreedom.com/
(she's an amazing women surviving that horrible tragedy in her life)
however best to just contact customer support