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BRING IT! Sona va beach! Who wants to duo?

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2-4-24 last game as sona.
avg is 3-5-15 in ranked, with ~63% win rate. avg at about 20 assists a game.
following this build:

but using typical ap runes for strong poking in bot lane
full utility tree
using flash and clarity for epic sustain. whats that? you need to recall? what's recalling? BAM FULL MANA!

what u got?!

Luckily my duo partner and I were able to carry the game. other lanes were doing ****ty, and jungler even went afk for at least 5 minutes to restart client.
tell me more how I belong in D4 bronze.
ya, you can say maybe i do so well because the people i play against suck. which further proves my point, that I don't belong in this ****ty division.

It's been made aware to me that there are certain "questions" you need to answer.
Such as: What do you average on cs? How often do you take bad risks? How many kills do you average? Assists? Do you lead your team? Do you play smart, and know when to attack, and when to defend?

I believe my average with all champs in rank is about 150CS. I know it's not super high, but it's generally because i'm focusing on playing safe, or killing the other team. Depending on my champ, I get up to 220-280CS.

I'd say I rarely take any bad risks. The main time i do, is when my team is getting owned, and i'm just starving for a kill. Trying to make something happen out of nothing. Aka the Brett Favre Effect. I do that maybe in 2/10 games. I generally have either lowest deaths (on my team, or out of both teams as well), or i'm down there in 2ndish place for lowest deaths.

On average, I'd say i get about 10 kills a game, depending on the length. Longer games, i probably avg about 12-15 depending on my role (generally mid or jungle). Shorter games, generally around 8 kills, regardless of role (minus support).

I average about 8 assists a game with regular champs. With support champs such as ali or sona, i average around 10 per loss (short games) or 20+ per win. With sona, I can generally carry the team as support, and get everyone all fed.

I'm always the main person calling out mia's (including for other lanes), as well as pinging to or away from an area/enemy. I also tend to make the decision of when to initiate a team fight.

I play very smart. I know when to defend, and when to push. I always keep wards up if im mid, support, or top. I like utility, so i generally use teleport. It allows me to save teammates and turrets, as well as tele-gank (my favorite ). I generally know when to back away from a fight that won't be won by my side. Sometimes the enemy is a bit stronger than I thought they would be when i challenge them 1v1, but most of the time i get a good sense of when it's time to pack up and leave. This is the main reason why i average with such low deaths.

As for attacking, when i'm 1v1 (mid or top), i generally let them push to the turret, and once their minions are right in front of my turret, i jump on them. This makes it so they have no minions to run behind to block attacks, or cause minion collision against me. Unless the person is tanky (even sometimes when they are), my combo can generally overpower them and ill get the kill.

I'd say i'm pretty good at dodging skill shots. Many of the champions i play, use skill shots, and so i know how to bait someone into using a skillshot. I know people will generally lead the skillshot behind you (such as cho's knock up), so 90% of the time i can juke it by stepping towards them, or off to the side. In turn, this also means i know how to aim my OWN skill shots, as i can predict how the person will react when they see me use the skillshot.

I'm strong in pretty much every role, minus adc. I'm fairly good with kogmaw, and decent with draven, but most of the time people steal my kills and i end up getting the most assists on the team, rather than the most kills. My mains are akali and katarina mid, garen or darius top, sona support, or xin jungle. Yeah, i know, alot of those guys are considered OP. But i think i personally use them better than most people do in my league. I've got a huge list of champs that I can choose to play from. My specialization however, is assassins. I like to be in and out before the enemy even knows what hit them. As i said before, i'm HUGE on utility, which is why i play champs like akali, kat, talon, xin, etc.

I ALWAYS watch a champion spotlight before i begin playing a champ. I also watch pro live streams and closely watch how they play.

Add me in game, and lets do some duos. As long as you're DIII bronze or higher, i'm down to play. We can play a regular game at first to get used to eachother, as well as to test eachother's skills.

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours. I promise you won't be disappointed