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Twisted Fate is viable with AD

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He is very viable when you go top and fight melee champs, making you get farm and golds. You have the range and CC when they get close and make them run away and harass throwing cards at them endlessly. The bonus magic power for cooldown E makes you easy to farm and harass. His ult can catch others if he is getting gank or if they all MIA, if you build Trinity Force on him he gets benefits bonus damage and substain. This is good early game and somewhat mid but late game sort of fail, unless fed. THe only cons is his q is useless most of time. He can get kill easy unless with flash) JV ult destroys him. I'm saying top TF AD is very viable, bot you can die sometimes but mostly top is a good pick against AD fighters. *Unless Pantheon* AND the best reason to go TF AD is because you should get TF. Which makes TF if you know what i mean.