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Birthday Gaming with RIot

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MadCast VoShay



It's about a week late because I've been really busy, but I'd find it entertaining and very fun to pick up a game with a Rioter! I have not yet seen one of these rare creatures in the wild (that I am aware of). The occasion is I just turned 26, and I have just passed playing League for two years! So if any Rioter wanted to make this a more memorable Week after my Birthday, my Summoner name is still VoShay. I'm only a terrible 1200-1300 Elo player depending on the day, so I think any Rioter would certainly do!

Now to trot out the usual Bait


Whew. I think that's a long enough list to trap something!

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Senior Member


Happy late birthday i hope you get a game with riot.