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Its killing me Riot.. I need answers

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Duo Que with somebody. He is the leader of the group, so if any member of that group would otherwise be team captain, he is team captain. The person he is duo with is otherwise the highest rated person on your team.

There, it took me about 5 seconds to figure that out and 30 seconds to type it. What is wrong with you?

For a guy who doesn't read you sure are quick to judge. I know for a fact he was not duo queue everyone on my team was wondering why he was first pick.

How about instead of flapping your damn mouth and spiting nonsense you try thinking harder before posting useless comments like those.

Thanks guy


Oh, I get it, yer one of those attentionwh0re types, more skilled at raising a ruckus and being noticed than pondering out it's problems. I understand now.

I'm trying to get the attention of a rioter because dumb4ss kids like you posting on the forums aren't gonna give me any answers.