What League can do about D/C's in Ranked

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I, like others I'm sure, have noticed a glaring weakness in the League point system for ranked: there's a lot of extraneous variables between whether you win or lose a ranked solo/duo que that have nothing to do with your personal skill. Most of us probably complain about how players on our own team suck and don't know what they're doing and the other team is always better. Whether or not that's true I don't think that there's anything that can be done about that other than to just play better. However, there is a less tangible, more concrete problem that exists that might be able to be dealt with: leavers.

The difficulty with unskilled allies is that there's no easy, calculable way to determine who was more skilled. It goes beyond statistics and into how they worked with their team to accomplish objectives. But that problem does not exist with leavers. The system knows when someone leaves the game. If they disconnect then the system tells us. If they don't reconnect then their name appears red at the score screen and we report them. If they don't disconnect but still go afk and leave their team high and dry: we still report them. The point is, there's no abstract evidence. It's entirely concrete. And it hurts a team just as much as an unskilled player who refuses to work with the team.

So what's the solution? It's not fair for a team to lose points when they're winning until someone leaves and suddenly it's a 4v5. However, we can't just make the game null in terms of league points, obviously that could be abused. E.g. a team is doing bad so someone on that team leaves to nullify the team's loss of points. There has to be a deterrent to avoid abuse, and it needs to be strong.

What if the person who leaves loses an exorbitant amount of league points, say for purpose of discussion 50 points, and everyone else on the team loses less than they normally would. Maybe this number is zero, maybe its half of what they would normally lose, I'm not sure. But this system would be forgiving on players who experience someone on their team leaving, yet at the same time would deter someone from leaving with the purpose of saving their team a loss in points. If someone is at 20 points or less and leaves, they should probably drop a division. Is this the ideal solution? Probably not. Is it a lot better than what's in place right now? You bet.

What do you think?