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Therapeutic Rage

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I share this because it's a funny story, and I fully deserve to be made fun of for it. Please downvote to your enjoyment.

So I've been playing this game for a while, and other than slamming my desk every now and then and yelling at friends over Skype, I don't think I've ever really had a rage moment. Not a real one.

I'm not the greatest at this game, but I'm not bad. So the fact that I've failed my promotion out of silver V five times now is a bit ridiculous. Some of the games have been my fault, but I can safely say the majority were due to people acting like... well, people on the internet. Anyway, after failure number 5, I had something like an 8 game loss streak. Maybe a bit less, I forget. So here comes game number 9.

I play a pretty decent Thresh, and I'm pretty good at setting up my carry for free kills. I'll admit that most of the time is pretty risky, but pretty much free kills. This particular game I was paired with a Kog, who was the most timid guy. After landing the third grab combo, I died and gave out first blood. I lost it.

There was a good two seconds of me staring at my monitor, and I remember my g/f saying something like, "Wow, that sucks." After the build up, I wound up and punched my monitor as hard as I could.


And man let me tell you, it felt fantastic. I'm back to using a much smaller, much older monitor, but any time I feel myself getting pissed at this game, I look at the thing on the ground all shattered to Hell, and feel the most relaxed ever. I'm not even upset about it, it was like a year of frustrations all emptied out at once. I can't even explain it, but wow I feel the most relaxed and laid back when I play now. Not even the dumbest of plays bothers me.

Anyway, that's my story. I'm sure plenty of you out there have done similar, or close to it. I don't recommend pissing away the money like I did, but next time you get pissed at someone says something about not raging over a game, politely remind them that at least you're not as bad as the dude that punched his monitor.

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You should have punched your girlfriend instead.