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Dami D Licious

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Feel free to leave any advice, for me or anyone else here.

Hello everyone, I've been looking to get into the jungle for quite some time, but haven't had the need to actually do it, until a ranked game last night. My main role, support, was called and I was gradually pushed into the jungle. It was clear form the start, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of clearing/ganking/countering. I have some of the basic knowledge down, but I'd like to get into the fine, gritty details of jungle, since I'm looking to make that a second role.

For starters, I plan on trying to best learn: Jarvan, Maoki, and Nautilus. If you have any suggested builds for any of these characters and reasons why, please feel free to leave them here. As for the rest of my questions, I'm just going to summarize them in short sections.

Champions and Counters
When in champion select, I know nothing about who counters who, other than what I hear from my team. I'm going to assume this is all just knowledge you acquire over time, but is there any other way to know before hand? I've glanced at counter sheets, and guides.. but too many sites, and not enough consistency. Who are some of the top jungler's this season, and why? I mostly look to try out support styled jungler's, since I've already got the support mentality for it. I don't need kills to feel useful, just enemy deaths and objects taken =p Lastly, how do you pick your jungler to your teams comp? Or is jungle just a solo role that plays to the best if their style and ability?

Runes and Masteries
I don't know much about season 3 jungle, so building runes and masteries is tough. I can build a page that best caters to me and my style.. but that's not often the case with some champs. Some masteries and runes are essential to some champs. Also, whether some are worth taking or not, such as Perseverance or Legendary Defender. If I'm jungling, there's not much downtime in between camps for the hp regen, and in a full team fight, is 5 armor and magic resist really worth that point? I guess, mostly what I'm asking is which talents are useless,and which are a must. What champs go defensive, and champs that go offensive, or even utilty.

Ganks vs Farming
This is my biggest flaw, deciding when to gank, which lane needs it, or when to just farm. Or, even when to counter, if it's a good idea at all. I often times answer to the distress calls of every lane, thus roaming without successful ganks, which in the end puts me way back. Are lanes to be that reliant on a jungler? Or is a jungler -that- needed, when called? How can you tell when a lane needs a gank? By their CS, or how far pushed back they are? By their low hp, or wanting to stop their lane by putting them back a death? At best, most I do is hit tab to see if top lane comes back with a ward or not.. and ask bot if theirs is warded, and where. And lastly, is it best to let the jungler lead with a gank, or the lane's player? Because I know a LOT of tops and bots give me away with their sudden bravery.. and wild bull-rush.

Thanks for taking the time to glance at this if you did, and if it's Tl;DR How can I become a good jungler? General tips are welcome, as well as in dept advice.