New Item To Build Out of Seeker's Armguard?

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Seeker's Armguard was implemented into Season 3 to help AP mids go against bruisers. The only problem is that it has only one path to build into a new item (Zhonyas).

Zhonya's has a great active for AP champs but it clearly is more efficient to use on APs who need to go all-in.

So, I was browsing the League Wiki page and I came across an item that was used in the Alpha testing of the game:

Breathstealer: +95 ability power, +70 armor, Unique Passive: 15% cooldown reduction, Unique Active: Reduces target enemy champion's ability power and attack damage by 70% for 4 seconds (600 range). 90 second cooldown.

I thought wow, this is a pretty cool item but it seems to be very overpowered in terms of the amount of stats it provides. I think a different iteration of this item would be great to provide another item to build out of Seeker's Armguard.

I would like to see it happen but obviously the stats on Breathstealer would have to be tweaked in order to have a balanced item.

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