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Have tested some rune making

1. If the rune is expensive or hard to get by there will be an enormous gap between whoose who have a full book and thoose who dont.

2. if you buy the runes there is no big deal, you get the runes you buy, or if you buy sets of runes like a batch of runes you is given and the rune testing. If you are given random runes the sysytem must be remade in some way. I took me over 3000 runes to get the 3 books like i wanted them.

3. the 90 rune roof, if you have all uniqe runes in your 3 books you run into trouble when you have 89 runes you like, you can combie them down to 90 runes, i had to waste a rune i wanted and finaly got lucky and got the 2 last runes in 1 batch.

suggestions is hard since its not clear how to aquire the runes

but you should be able to combine 5 lvl3 tier runes and get the rune you want, or higer chance to get or mabe 25% chance if you waste 5 runes, if if fail you get 50% next time maxing 20 rune to the desired.

my books this far, abilyty +69 at lvl 18, cooldowns 14.04% at lvl 18 and attackspeed +46% at lvl 18

this have taken me hours in the name of testing -.-, ding ding, ding ding, DONG

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Senior Member


Yeah, the current rune system is a huge load of crap. Especially for testing purpose. You have to spend ages to get the runes you need. How should we test various specs and their affects on a hero, when the whole system is a random joke?

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I think it should have recipes. So like 2 lesser focus tier one would get a greater focus tier 1 and 5 lesser focus tier one will get 1 lesser tier 2 focus

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[FONT=Arial]the whole runesystem seems not that well elaborated. in my opinion the 3 tiers are worthless, since everyone will get tier 3 runes very fast. and the leveling wont last that long (like in an mmorpg) that you use the minor runes temporarily while leveling and so everyone will (in the end) combine the small runes to get t3 runes.

the combining shouldnt be random or should be removed and maybe substituted with an option to just sell runes (half price) you dont want anymore. this way you have the same option for trading old runes you dont like for new ones.