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[Skin]Pioneer LeeSin

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As my favourite character - Lee Sin,i would like to create a new skin for him(Or an idea).Due to all of the skin of Lee Sin are related to chinese culture,i believe that if i can give a innovation idea of the skin,it might attracted players. So that i begin to think about a modern and fashion skin. Also i like robots,thats why i decide to design a skin as robot.

The improvement of skills animation will be showed at below.

Q :A energy ball with a swarm of nano-robot will shot from the hand,when it hit a target nano-robot will over target and lee sin's head will show a red light. When Q active again then the nano-robot will lead lee sin to the target.

W :When W is active,there will be three balls of light surrounding lee sin and target. When W active again,those balls will move faster and become a circle of light.

E: Tap the ground to release nano-robots , triggered again, nano-robot (like Q's effect)
start operation,they become a electric fences slowdown targets.

R: kick the target and the target will trailing shock waves hit the enemy on the path.

I am really glad that i can bought your attention and sorry for taking your time.If you have any questions pls just feel free to ask,i will clear your concern as fast as i can. Thank you!