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Quinn's lore possibility

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(Literally reposting this from GD for the sake of a more pointed discussion)
In Quinn's lore, it mentioned a Noxian assassin who managed to avoid an entire Demacian batallion, who Quinn&Valor managed to take down, thus proving themselves an amazing duo, with a lot more going for them than your run-of-the-mill top-knotch soldier.

As excited I am for Q&V's price to drop so I can try them out for myself, I found that I was equally excited towards the idea of a Noxian assassin, so skilled in moving around without being detected and, well, apparently assassination, that his or her take-down would give Demacia's Wings such a large threshold of reputation, and push them to such great heights as to become a Legend of the League.

I don't think the lore would necesarily need to be deeply linked with Q&V's, though their battle would most definitely be worth mentioning... and the assassin's eventual escape from Demacia's clutches (setting up this champion's kit, again, to be a very interesting and tricky [maybe even deceitful?] one, which would be very satisfying to play as and very interesting to play against).

I'd imagine the character to be very snide and self-assured, because that's the sort of personality I'd imagine would develop from being so consistently good at their job, which involves 1-upping their opponent through sheer skill and strategy-- which also makes my nipples hard... high skill ceilings add so much to a champion.

What I want to stress, is that the dynamic of being such a high-profile Noxian assassin is what drew me in here.

  • Noxians are cool
    I find Noxians very satisfying to play due to how the nation is portrayed
    Assassins are fun
    Tricky assassins are even more fun
    Stealth/mobility are two delicious additions to any kit
    I don't think it'd be hard to make somebody as fun to play as Shaco who isn't nearly as annoying to play against as him

If you have any ideas/comments, you should totally post them. Might give some passing Reds something to pass on towards the champion-making team