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Kreval, The Raving Ringmaster

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Kreval, The Raving Ringmaster.

Lore: Kreval was born into poverty, and without a father, his mother struggled to make ends meet. Life was not easy, but Kreval persevered. Kreval was only ten years old when he was led into the woods by his mother. She had told him they were going to the circus, and he’d never been so excited. He could see the big top through the trees, yet it somehow seemed more haunting than he expected. He turned to ask his mother about it, when he felt the ground disappear from beneath him. Imagine his surprise when the last thing he’d seen that day, was the cold dark face of his mother as he fell from the cliff. Hours outside the village, the last thing he heard that day before he slipped into darkness, was the sound of laughter and circus music. It was not so haunting to him. Not anymore. As the night closed in on Kreval, a smile broke across his face.
Ten years have passed since that day, and Kreval’s village was discovered empty. It seems many more villages have wound up abandoned since then. Kreval has arrived to the league, and the only thing more mysterious than his past, are his motives.
“The show must go on. The show must ALWAYS go on.” -Kreval

Pass: Stage Fright: When Kreval attacks an enemy they are afflicted with stage fright, causing his abilities to have an additional effect.

Q: Test your strength: Kreval slams his cane down on an enemy, causing damage to them. If the target is afflicted with stage fright, Kreval deals damage in an area.

W: House of mirrors: Kreval creates a clone of himself at target location that explodes after 5 seconds. Kreval may reactivate the ability to switch places with the clone. Enemies afflicted with “Stage Fright” take extra damage.

E: Step right up: Kreval may designate a target, and switches places with him after 2 seconds. If the target is afflicted with “Stage Fright” then they are slowed when they are marked.

R: The Grand Illusion: Kreval sets the stage around himself, and any enemies caught inside are dealt damage and slowed. Enemies afflicted with “Stage Fright” are also feared.

Feel free to give me feedback on anything.