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Charon, Guardian of Pluto

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Charon is a Ranged/Melee Champion


Lore: Charon is the Warden of Pluto's moons. He serves to protect his kingdom on Pluto, taking blows from asteroids much like Earth's moon. -Work in progress-


Charon= Stone Warrior, encased with heroic battle armor. He carries a large mace, and gauntlet as a shield.

Nix= Rock Elemental, rolls around on a giant boulder in place for his feet.

Hydra= Wind elemental, looks like a Tornado and a hurricane made babies.


Passive=Diamond Heart= When Charon dies, any allied champions near him absorb a small percentage of his total health, and gain a temporary life steal buff.

Q=Orbital Pulse= Charon targets an allied or enemy minion/monster, pulling them towards him, shortly after he ricochets them back.
The indicator would allow you to set the sling power, like Rumbles Ultimate indicator.

W=Asteroid Belt= Charon lifts up 4 ground particles, he may launch 3 of them at his disposal, while the last one, he absorbs, gaining a temporary armor buff.

E=Nix/Hydra= Charon changes his physical form, giving him different attacks, but also gaining a debuff corresponding to which form he is in. This ability is given to the player at level 1. In either form, Charon gains a special buff when using his ultimate.

When activating the ability, the keys Q/W/E are changed. Q for Nix, W for Hydra and E for Charon.

Note: leveling up this ability will increase the size of the form, and change it's appearance by a small yet noticeable amount.

Charon= His true form is melee, and does not get a debuff.

Nix= Charon turns into a rock elemental, changing his attacks to melee. He gains an armor and health buff.

Debuff= His movement and attack speed is decreased.

Hydra= Charon turns into a swift wind elemental, gaining movement and attack speed. His attacks are changed into ranged.

Debuff= He has less armor, and health.

R=Final Call= Charon calls upon his brethren, launching a replica of his home planet towards the area he has selected. any enemies caught in its path take damage, and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. When in one form or the other, he may cast this ability again to gain a special buff.

Nix= gains CC removal, his attacks do splash damage, and slow his enemies.

Hydra= Gains a DoT buff to his auto attacks, sapping life from his victims. His attacks also heal his allies within a radius of him.