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Health Stacking

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Greetings, Summoners and Rioters,

This thread, I hope would discuss some difficulties that some of us had encountered; some would encounter it soon. If you have read the thread title, you guessed it right: health-stacking.

I don’t want this thread to be a place for summoners to whine, curse, sprout second head and use colourful vocabularies. Let’s keep it civilized. And this is long. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I started playing League of Legends around 1.5 years ago, and AP mid position fits me quite well. As a frequent AP support/mid player, in current game-play, I feel like it’s rather easy to stack health while still getting external benefits, which sometimes makes games rather unbalanced since there isn’t really counter to health-stacking. If any of you do have a suggestion of counter, please do enlighten us. For instance, couple games ago, I was playing as Lux in Summoner’s Rift 5v5. The game was actually really nice – even though I lost, it took 70+ minutes to destroy my team’s nexus. I was going full glass cannon lux, at end game my ap was 800+. Splendid? Perhaps. Enemy Singed’s health was 5k+. Every single enemy champion had at least one item that boosted health, namely frozen mallet for ADs, warmog, rylai, etc. My full combo, bind+orb+laser, did some damage, but not enough to one shot down any champion; to me, Lux on 1v1 condition relies heavily on bursting down opponent in 1 combo, else the enemy would flash away or… kill me while I’m on cooldown. Yes, Lux’s CD is low, but 20 secs is more than enough to get slain. I tried sniping Singed while he’s attacking my inhibitor, and it barely did any change to his health. My ult does 1k+ damage at that point. That even made me arrive to the point that stacking health plus health regen is a little bit too over-powered. (did I mention it was 5v4 in favour of our team?)

I believe the reason stacking health is really OP is because there is no item that would counter health-stacking. Yes, there are items that deals damage based on health, current health – like Blade or Ruined King or Liandry’s Torment. Math people out there would realise that the passive damage from the item is negatively-sloped, to the point when the opponent’s health is low enough, there would barely be any damage done. Yes, the passive does deal damage while health is quite high, but it rarely, if ever, finishes an opponent off.

Another reason I believe is because the price of health-boosting items are very efficient. Spirit visage, which supplies health, magic resist, and CDR, topped with decent passive is at 2200 gold. I am yet to find a high tier AP item that costs lower than 2200, excluding mejai’s.

Riot, this is a humble plea to reconsider health-stacking at this moment. I saw how ‘broken’ Blade of RK was, when its passive was based on max health (like lee-sin/yi solo-ing baron). I’m not demanding for BRK to be restored to its ‘broken’ state, just perhaps something that would allow the game to be more balanced. Yes, I do play top laner/tank sometime and enjoy stacking health. But my AP caster self at this point is… not doing as well. While it’s fun to dominate, in the end, personally the greatest feeling after finishing the game is the thrill of finishing a close game, regardless losing or winning, knowing that it was fun. There is only so much satisfaction you can take from winning an easy game. But again, who doesn’t like winning ;p

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestion? Feel free to post it, and remember, let’s be civilized.

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fact - a live tank deals more damage than a dead carry. nuff said.

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The heal staking is pretty much the only thing left against the ridiculously enormous amount of Magic Penetration. Before nerfing/create a counter to a build, you also should think about what you actually doing. In that particular case, you would insanly give a tons of OPness to mage based champion since they would start just tearing apart every thing in front of them. After all... No proper magic resist + No heal = My beloved Ahri will simply dominate anything you put in front of her without making distinction.

Put you the heal out and that singed will die at your Lux no time. What the point of having a tank if anything that can be tanks is removed. This is simple retarded. The VERY SIMPLE counter to that is: Having a teamp that focus the good target first. I mean... Dont cry if your ult dont one shot Volibear... that is the main reason he his ther.

As far as im concerned, I've never seen a Ezreal staking helt. And if he was happening to do it, well, that retarded carry would not carry anything, so he would be countering himself.

Mushubaby: what your point? Anything alive do more damage than anything dead (well... exeption like Kartus to be mention)

This hole tred is, In over all, a big "My team was so bad at team fight that we loose a 4v5" dosen't really mark any point.

Sniping a Singed... People are plain... I will not say stupid, but more... Careless? Non-concentred.

EDIT: About those anti-healt item. What about initiating the fight with it, using it a max capacity THEN charge in and blow the guy sky f****** high? Some how, it does soud way more logical to me than poke him with your Item once the guy have no life. geez.