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Ranked Teams Pick Order

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Pick order in normal ranked games goes from highest to lowest elo/ranking. This makes sense for solo/duo queue because the higher rated players get their first choice of role. In Ranked Teams, though, this system doesn't make sense. Considering that not everyone has the same champions available and picking a champ early opens up possibilities of being countered, it's impossible to properly pick and swap champions during the draft.

Riot, please let us choose our draft order in Ranked Teams! This isn't a problem at the pro level because they have all the champs unlocked, but for mine and so many other budding teams that isn't possible. It would be really nice to be able to arrange a pick order before entering queue.

TL;DR Let Ranked Teams queue with a pick order, rather than by current division ranking (elo).

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its not by current elo/division its a random order.