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Regarding the new ranked tier system

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I just wanted to say great job Riot with this new system. I started S3 in Bronze V Irelia's Reapers league, (due to noobs and trolls bringing down my true elo... that's what a bronze person is supposed to blame, right?) and I gotta say, the tier system has made my games a lot more enjoyable. I have worked my way up to Bronze II as of my completed promotion series last night and I feel like I've made an accomplishment! Were we still in the visual ELO system, I'd be pissed that my ELO is still XXX, but now I see this progression in my ranking and now that Silver is in sight, I remember that once I Promote out of Bronze I won't have to worry about dropping back down (as happened in S2.) Also, I've been working to keep up with another player in my league who seems to be going about my pace and it's providing a bit of competition, which is keeping my drive to do better up. I think that maining support and telling the team I'll fill every game helps too

One thing I wish is that friends could be put in the same league together. My duo buddy is in a different league, and while we're progressing together (he promoted to bronze II the same game I did) it would be cool to be able to monitor each other's progress in the league's tab. (we're pretty competitive with each other)

On an unrelated note, I also got my green ribbon last night, so that made my day. A promotion AND a ribbon? win.

tldr: it's not that long, read it.

In any case, great job riot, you've brought me some renewed drive.

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Just dont lose any game at 0LP or you are immediately dropped down a division. Doesnt matter how hard you worked to get up to where you are.

/bitter rant