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bugs i see last patch

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i guess i fail in the name of the last post so here they are
i dont now if this is releated to mac client or new soraka skin but every time i die i get a bug error and go dc lol i think it was just the first time v karthus but i died a second time and bum out of the game again lols

wtf did you do on this patch lols now i see a lot of messages v bots of a summoner has dc lol a bot dc i,i wtf

also since i instaled the client for mac i havent been able to spectate a game, every time i trie that i get an error and a black screen and nothing happends

well gg its a global bug on mac client i think now i have heca die and bum dc + bug , random messages of dc lol wtf happend in this patch lols

well cant play do nothing bots build full items at min 20 with no kills or farm many messages of a summoner has dc i die and go dc lol wtf happend in this patch o.o 2 unstable even for pbe lol or now its pae xD

and this is the old post