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Black Ice PCs and Mods League of Legends custom PC cases!

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Mega Gardevoir

Junior Member


After much consideration, I suppose this goes into Fan Art. Hi, I'm Nicole Lynn and I'm ceo and operator of Black Ice Personal PCs, Insane Case Mods, Acrylic work and Repair -- Black Ice PCs and Mods for short. And I've just added to my line of custom and hand built cases.. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CASES. These are high-quality artisan works of art with hand-painted bases and laser imaging of League of Legends characters; official art if I can obtain permission, high quality artists selected from the interwebs otherwise. The systems have a complete 100% acrylic PC-entry side panel on a hinge and latch system to avoid ever sing screws again, and to top it all off, the PC's colors are themed to your character or concept and the insides are JAM PACKED with excessive amounts of Cold Cathodes and Laser LEDs hooked up to sound modules to make your PC glow and burn to the beat of your music, lighting up your room in the dark!

I have not created any League PCs, the first customer will receive a 100$ discount off the base price of 375 for my work, and let me clarify that I do not half ass -- I will do this a dozen times over until your case is perfect. If you dont like it, send it back and I'll do it over AGAIN. You also receive free cleaning for life, yearly. Yours will be my prototype, featured and submitted to the summoner showcase. I'll also throw in free handles on top and your choice of THREE wrongneko-line stickers by Atrocityland, borderline morbid and thought provoking designs mixing traditional kitties with demonic, white noise, fish, toxic waste, psychic and other out-there themes. My favorite is the Jiang Shi neko, those little eastern hopping zombies with the scroll on their face.

I also offer plenty of other insane mods and custom cases -- Pokeball PC case? Coffee Maker PC? Lego chassis? All doable. I can even build a monitor into the side of your tower. Not to mention acrylic etching and custom computers themselves, but thats not what I'm here to offer you! Email [email]BlackIcePCsandMods@Gmail.com[/email] for inquiries, the basic package price if you missed it is 375$ complete with light system and sound reactive modules. 2 of them for different levels of light depending on the intensity of your songs.