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Player Behavior In-Game

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I'm a fairly new-ish LoL player, but I'm working on it!

I just got out of a very frustrating match. Now, I don't think I'm a great player by any means, but I like to think I play mid fairly well (learning new things every day). Two things that irk me to the extreme, 1) People readily surrendering at any potential loss and 2) people calling others out on things they don't necessarily understand/didn't see.

So, 1 is fairly self explanatory, but this guy after his vote failed 4-1 decided he was done playing and just left leaving us in a bad spot since we actually were getting more objectives and kills at that point. I would love to see more of a penalty for things like this; it's very aggravating.

2 is a bit more complex. I was playing Ahri, doing my thing, winning lane vs Nidalee and going off to top and bot for help (mostly top since kayle was getting wrecked by renekton and shaco).

As I go to help her, she ults me when we're under renek's tower and then proceeds to dive; the tower was constantly beating on me after the invulnerability wore off, to which I went into the tri bush on purple side to get away only to get jumped by shaco.

She dies then goes "/all this ahri runs away after I ult her. Lol fail." Normally comments like this don't bother me, but #1, we had no wards cause "she's kayle the almighty, I don't need wards!" and #2 she obviously missed the part where I was etting hit by the tower then by shaco. I don't feel like I did anything wrong, since I avoided my own death, even though renekton got away safely and so did shaco.

Similar situation happens in their jungle by blue, where it's kayle and I and then we get jumped by 3 others at full health, Kayle taking Nid spears to the face and I try to avoid them by moving away. Kayle dies and blames it on me, even though I was still attacking and charming them from a distance.

The question goes: Should I have stayed and died with Kayle or did I do the right thing? Should my playstyle change to match the more aggressive nature of certain players even if it will surely mean death or is the threat of feeding more important?

I'm sorry for the large amount of text.

Any response, so long as it's constructive and non-flamatory, is welcome.