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About Triforce

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Cards and Dice

Senior Member


I've been looking at TriForce lately, and it felt like it needed more 3s. This is my proposal to changing Triforce.

Trinity Forc3:

Combined Cost: 3999g (99g combine cost)

+270 HP
+225 Mana
+33 AD
+33 AP
+33% attack speed
+15% critical chance
+9% movement speed
Unique: Sheen Proc does 150% additional damage(2.1 second cooldown).
Unique: Phage Proc has a 33% chance of being proc'd by auto attack, and slows for 33% for 2.4 seconds.

As you can see here, stats would be updated to have as many 3s as possible. Those that cannot contain all 3s are all multiples of 3. This would bring the meaning of "Tri" into TriForce.