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Fan-written Lore: The Final Card [NSFW for Gore]

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Purple Piggy

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I gasped as Ashe's arrow found home in my thigh. Desperately, I shot a net out of my gun and felt the impact knock me back, knowing that one more arrow would mean my death. I staggered away as Nunu hobbled his way closer to me on top of his yeti. I briefly locked eyes with Nunu as he cocked his arm back, holding a ball of hard snow. My eyes widened, knowing that his snowball would slow me down enough for Ashe to deal the killing blow. "Where does he even get those ****ing snowballs?" I thought to myself, "There's no ****ing snow around here."

At that instant, I felt a gust of wind shred pass me. Through my crazily whipping hair, I saw Janna behind me, having just returned from the shop. Janna’s whirlwind hit both Freljordians, and they were knocked up. Using this chance, I hurriedly rushed to my tower, panting and leaning against its cool, stone surface. I gave a sigh of relief in the knowledge that I was safe as Ashe called Nunu a noob outside the tower range. I began to recall, tired and hurt, eagerly awaiting the healing sensations of the fountain.

Suddenly, I saw a flash of gold hurtle towards my face and flinched, awaiting death. Amazingly, it bounced off a few inches away from my face and I immediately realized that Janna had saved me once more. Her shield deflected the gold thing, but I realized I was still stunned. I couldn’t move, and my eyes darted nervously for the perpetrator. I saw a lanky man dart out from the fog of war with something shiny in his hand. Knowing I had to react as soon as I was able to move again, I collected myself. As the stun wore off, I shot another net out of my gun, narrowly dodging another one of his projectiles. My trusty tower made a rumbling noise as it drew its magic from its core and channelled it towards my enemy. It hit him, but he kept coming closer. I quickly threw a trap in front of his feet and he tripped over the trap. The tower continued to hit him while he stumbled. Knowing my tower would soon crush him, I shot a bullet at him, but he suddenly disappeared. The bullet hit a tree behind where the place where he used to stand, and I blinked, astonished. I quickly picked up the gold thing and put it in my pocket as I recalled before I could be in any more danger. At the fountain, I reached into my pocket to examine the gold object. It felt slender and smooth. It felt like...

a card.

I felt the blood rise to my face. I flipped the shiny, gold card over to see the letter C, so ornately and finely stenciled. My pulse quickened. I had spent hours staring at this same design, dreaming of the moment I would finally catch its owner. Turning the card back over, I felt a sharp pain on my finger and looked down at it to see blood trickling from my index finger. The card was as sharp as a knife. I felt the cut on my hand heal instantly, as I was still on the fountain. This was it. The criminal I joined the League to find. With the honor of Piltover hanging over my head, I knew I had to catch him at all costs. I felt myself breathing faster. What was this? Anticipation? Revenge? Anger? Whatever it was, I knew I was glad to have finally found the slippery thief at last. Finally, I could leave this terrible slaughterhouse and return to my lovely home in Piltover, which is missing its sheriff. I shuddered to think of the crime rate now that I was gone, and wasted no more in asking my team about the mystery man.

“Does anyone know anything about a card user here?” I asked.

“Yes. It appears my opponent uses cards.” Heimerdinger rang out.

I ran towards midlane, where my ally Heimerdinger was fighting valiantly. I arrived just in time to watch him throw a card at the perfect angle to slice through the middle of Heimerdinger’s turret and destroy it. His card sliced through metal like it was cheese. Keeping myself calm with enormous effort, I called out to him.

“Was your friend too scared to fight me, dear Caitlyn?” he mused.

“Who are you? How do you know my name?” I questioned, my calm facade threatening to crack.

“It’s all in the cards.” He taunted.

Impulsively, I shot a net at him to catch him, but in that instant, I was hit in the gut with what felt like a punch. I saw a red card disappearing after its collision with my stomach. The red card was very blunt, but impacted me enough to knock the wind out of me. I staggered closer towards the card user as I tried to regain my breath.

“Stop, dear. You know if you kill me, I’ll simply be resurrected by my summoner.” he said in a low, sultry voice.

“Then leave! Leave the League of Legends and fight me in the real world, where there are no second chances!” I cracked and finally yelled at him.

“Good, good. It’s my lucky day. I was getting bored of this place anyways. Meet me outside.” he said calmly.

His calm enraged me, infuriated me, and suddenly, all I wanted to do was sink all of my bullets into his face, his body, anywhere that was his. I vehemently broke ties with my summoner and immediately felt the power leave me. I walked towards my Nexus and opened the door. I walked in and went to The Council, demanding my leave. As the rule was when I signed the contract, I knew that The Council could not hold me in the League without my consent. I signed the resignation contract and left the huge building without a single glance back.

I saw him outside and immediately drew my gun.

“Well, somebody is in a tad of a rush, isn’t she? Just make sure you don’t miss, sweetie.” he laughed mockingly.

“Me? Miss? Not by a long shot.” I said, narrowing my eyes. I stroked the cool metal of the gun, relishing its feel. I held it close to my face to look through the scope, “Hit home, baby,” I whispered to my gun as I locked my target and pulled the trigger.

He disappeared and I suddenly felt pain in my back. I turned around quickly, and there he was, brandishing a card. He laughed, “Surprised?” as he plucked the card out of my back painfully. After 2 years in the League, there would be no way I could be surprised at anything. I immediately whipped around and began shooting at him, but he teleported again. This time, he was far away.

So he has a teleport... I began to wrack my brains for how to beat him until I finally thought I had a plan. I raised my gun to shoot another bullet at him. But right as I pulled the trigger with one hand, I threw down a trap behind me. I heard the familiar click from my trap and I immediately raised my gun high and smashed it into the side of his face. I felt his skull crack from the impact, but at the same time, I felt something sharp slice me. He threw 3 razor-sharp cards at me, which left huge gashes on my back, stomach, and right arm. The blood began to flow from my wounds as the right side of his face, the undamaged side, pulled into an unmistakable grin. The butt of my gun had crushed his left eyeball, which was now emptying from his eye socket, and left a gash in the flesh over his cheekbone. White fluid and blood were flowing down his face as he laughed like a maniac. He raised a card quickly from his cape and waved it wildly and swiftly in front of him. He cut my gun into pieces and cut off the middle finger and index finger of my right hand.

“How will you pull the trigger now, my dear Caitlyn?” he laughed. He picked up one of my fingers from the ground and waved it in front of my face as he stood up, swaying a little. At the sight of my ruined gun, I screeched like an animal and sprung into action. That gun meant more to me than a couple fingers. Without the weight of the gun, my body felt too light; it was disorientating. I became an animal, not knowing pain nor fear. Adrenaline pumped through my body as I ripped the net out from the compartment of my gun and threw it onto my enemy with one, fluid movement. I grabbed the net that was cast over his body and harshly jerked it down, causing the ropes to dig into his flesh and forcing him onto the hard ground. I entangled his body and tied the net so that he could not escape, not caring how much this difficult task damaged my fingers.

“If you live, tell them I am Twisted Fate. Tell them I am The Cardmaster.” he said softly, as his body went limp. He threw up violently and lay there, covered in his own vomit and blood.

“FIGHT BACK!!!” I roared, wanting to beat him with my own wit and power, not by his choice to give up. I started to feel dizzy...

“Caitlyn, you silly fool...” he said as he used the last vestiges of his strength to teleport out of my net trap. My feet gave out and I dropped to my knees, my vision swimming, hazy... Now he stood over me... now I die...

“This is the final card, love,” he pulled out a golden card from his cape. The dim sunlight glinted off the C as he raised it above his head and ran it straight into my heart. Blood squirted into distances I could not see as images swirled before my eyes, but I felt it on my face, heard it splatter onto the ground.

I saw his figure fade further and further away, swaying left and right. I think his hand was cradling his face...

I have failed... No! NO! I remember! Yes! YES!

I stood up with the last bit of energy remaining in my body and ran at him as fast as I could, forcing my body to slam into his. I knocked him to the ground. My hand quickly reached into my pocket and drew the card he had thrown in Summoner’s Rift.

“This is the final card,” I whispered as I sliced the card straight into his throat and into the ground, nailing his body there. I collapsed on top of his body and listened to his terrible choking sounds, gargling and rasping, until suddenly, all the noises stopped altogether.

I have succeeded, my dear Piltover. I have proven you worthy. I caught my arch nemesis. I caught the thief...

At that moment, I blacked out.

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Just a note...there is a fan fiction section to post this. This section is for discussing Lore.