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Riot getting too comfortable?

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FGC EnvoyXiphos:
Riot is getting too comfortable with changing items.
Remember in season 1 when Changing items NEVER happened.
Remember when There was A Zhona's Ring?
Yeah I know. Nobody remembers them.. I really hate how Riot is getting so comfortable
with changing items... it never really happened in Season 1 or season 2.
This is very lame.
UPVOTE So Riot will see this.

Zhonyas was a pretty ridiculous item. It gave a significant damage increase WHILE giving the user an invulnerability active.

How about this, do you even know of Oracle's Hood (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Oracle's_Hood)?
Could you imagine how broken the game would be if someone like Kogmaw got it and built Hybrid Crit/Magic On-Hit and how it would ALWAYS be the first item obtained?

The game changes, that keeps things interesting. Forces players to come up with new tactics, itemizations, builds etc.