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Let Me Eat You

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If I go to the home screen of the client server, I get to see a selection of high rating players playing their games. I think it's really cool, and by watching these random games, I learn a lot about the game in general. Then, I go to this forum and see requests like, "Make additional match types for 3s! We want draft!" and the ultimate response is that we just don't have the population for it. I understand that, but as a suitable counterargument, players stated that we don't have the population for it because we don't have draft solo queue.

Regardless, there's the problem of Twisted Treelines population. While Riot has claimed that they want to focus on Twisted Treeline in the future and want to get it into the E-Sports scene, there are just so many things that could be done to promote Twisted Treeline that hasn't happened.

All I'm asking is, I went on the home screen of the client server, and saw a selection of high rating players playing their games. But every single one of the games was on Summoner's Rift. Why can't you just add like one measly little Spectate Live for Twisted Treeline high rating games? Twisted Treeline is an intense map, it just causes team fights all over the place, so it's constantly testing players skill. Watching high rated games is intense, because it's just full of clutch plays and everything. Adding in one additional spectate for Twisted Treeline would probably promote Twisted Treeline easily enough to get the population needed to add in a draft solo queue. Hell, I doubt Twisted Treeline would have to worry about population at all.

Tl;Dr: Riot, you say you want to get Twisted Treeline into the competitive scene, but you do absolutely nothing to promote it when you have the chance to, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants to watch high rated 3s for fun either.