More Gold, More Gold!!!!!

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Felix Alted

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Hello LoL community, this is my first post on the forum boards, but I need to address an issue I've been having. I've been a playing league since season 1 and I've always loved the game, but since the update of season 3 my main role has felt a little... screwed dare I say. Supports are suffering with gold making and that's what this thread is about. I just don't feel like philostone cuts it, even if you buy a kage's lucky pick every game which I do you still aren't making enough. Let's face it gp10 seals are not viable unless you wanna get pounded in lane and additive blade is a waste of gold for a support to even think about. In my opinion I think Riot can solve this 2 ways make a mastery that gives supports an extra item slot or create another 5gp10 that can even gives no bonus stats aside from giving gold. Riot said the main reason heart of gold was taken out was because it was the most often item seen and they wanted for supports to build more unique, but the funny thing is build are less unique then season 2 in my opinion. Riot I do love all the new items don't get me wrong you have open a lot of options for supports, but you took away an essential part of getting to those items, THE MONEY MAKING! Anyways thanks again for hearing me out

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best euro NA

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i think they upped to global gold to compensate

and isnt there some mastery that gives gold per auto attack or something? that was to promote proper supporting rather than standing in the brush

with that said i do feel very poor lately when i play support