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Nothing but bad players in Solo Queue

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Reelando Orb

Senior Member


So when I first started plaything the new ranking system I felt like there was something wrong with it but didn't really have anything to ask myself why. And thinking well it is new and a lot of players on a Friday night. I think to myself "ok it's new, I am sure I'll get a better chance once things settle in".

After playing 5 games I'm set in Bronze Division 3 with 90 points. I win a game and get in a series....lost at the first try by some meat bag who chooses to rage quit because of another team mate harassing him but at the same time the harasser guy was also making too many mistakes at his end. i reported both of them for harassment at each other including the guy who raged quit.

After taking a break from the game over a week I get on LoL I find out that I played few games that I don't remember playing and I see that I have to play 5 games in order to get to Division 2. I get 4 winning streaks and I have not had any wins ever sense.

Now I am a good player. I am reasonable to other as much as I can be. I make exceptions for others of what ever rolls they want to play even though I mostly play adc, support, mid and I'm ok with jungle Nocturn. I communicate with others, I try my best to keep up with what I need to do with my rolls, pay attention, warn who is mia ( and not just one lane), Basically no matter how hard I try I am only 20% of what the team has. I am one player who only has one roll to do for the team. even if one player lost connection and never came back when the game started well in a way yeah we can make due without 5 people but when do you do when someone or something causes you to lose a player in the middle of a 25 minute game, how can you make up for that? or how can you make up for a game when a player goes off line and one other player is an ass whole who doesn't want to play one with the team all because one guy left for what ever reason. That's 40% of the entire team lost and 60% can only do so much all because of mean players who only think for them selves or just bad mexicans who who you can't even talk to because they only speak one language. and just so you know I am not being racism, not all mexican player are bad, I am actually friends with a few who are really good and I have been proven in my own case where I anded up with a premade team of 4 who I couldn't even talk to but they still had all of the team LoL communications that I can understand and I went in with them as one with the team and became friends with them but most out there are just not even worth to play with because they don't communicate with you, they just speak full on spanish.

but regardless what race they are they are all the same. mean people who cry, bash you, call you names, being racist, talk about your mom or dad when one of could be dead or what ever they say.

It's pretty clear they don't care for the team. only for them selves.

I think the Honorable system needs to be more fussed in to the match making system if not any further. I can't play a game if I can't have fun.