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How does a person enjoy losing?

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i play to have fun... i have fun playing.. if i lose i lose only reason i hate losing is when it's due to bad lag if i lose afew i just play malzahar for a easy win on mid he allows me to have a chill game

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legit question. I don't understand this concept how can people enjoy getting their asses handed to them on a consistant basis? Unless they have masochistic tendencies, this is a concept that flys over my head.

And don't give me that whole "its just a game" Bull.

Maplestory is just a game,
Need for speed is just a game
Minecraft,Fiesta..anything like that yeah no reason to take it seriously.

The second that something has a highly competitive base, and has the potential to make money off of, then it is at that point that it stops being "just a game" and becomes something more than that.

The same argument could be said about basketball, Baseball, Soccer and what not.

So why is it that each one of those sports have had histories of riots breaking out when a team loses?(no pun intended.)

I enjoy a very close game where everyone is of similar skill level even if I lose to an easy win. why? because thats what competition is, testing yourself doing your best vs other people. an easy win takes no skill, nothing great happened, there were no close call, and it was boring. it's easy to be satisfied with losing (maybe not "enjoy&quot if it was a good game and you played well.