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Kayle Top Help?

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Senior Member


I've been trying to learn to play Kayle a bit better, and my plan was to go top, but I haven't been having much success (given that I've only been playing vs AI so far).

Anyone who plays Kayle top lane got any suggestions for me?

So far, my runes are:
Red: AS
Yellow: Flat Armor
Blue: Sclaing MR
Quints: MS

Masteries: 21/5/4

My build is as of yet unsure, but I tend to get Rageblade and Zerker Greaves.

Halp plox!

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Junior Member


Honestly hybrid kayle is kinda weak. If you want to dominate top try building full AP+Attack speed, or Full ADC. AP items try Nashors tooth, malady, rabadons, liandrys torment, and for some extra AS i usually add in a runnans at the end oh and I always use zerker greaves. AD i just use a basic ADC build but I make sure to use runnans, and blade of the ruined king. Ps: ive seen a few kayles play mid and seems good if you want to try that.