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Ezreal: Ballad of the Tide

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Edit: This might be a better fit in this section.

So I was playing a match a couple days ago, and I ended up having my Leona support DC at the start of the match. My opponents in lane, ADC Kayle and support nidalee.. I definitely wasn't looking forward to soloing this lane, but figured if I keep a calm head, play it safe and really put all my reactionary skills and last hitting precision to the test that things just may work out..

We danced for several minion waves, and when my Leona support was finally able to reconnect (despite being half our opponents level) I decided that in order to save this game we were going to have to pull out all the stops.

When all seems hopeless, keep it together.
If the tides have yet to turn, become them.
I am the tide.

I present to you: Ezreal the Ballad of the Tide.