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Different Darius Nerf Idea

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I think that the current Darius nerf is un-needed, but if people really want a nerf to him it should be on his passive and the true damage aspect.

Darius' passive is magic damage with scaling by attack damage. This should be changed to have no scaling or to be physical damage. This passive makes it that you need to build magic resist just to run from him. This is where his OP is, if there truly is any.

The next idea is something that Morello also has stated he wants. Noxian Guillotine should do Physical damge, until the 5 stacks of Hemorrage are applied. After the 5 stacks it will then do true damage. Or maybe 20% armor penetration for each stack. Although Morello said that there should be more stacks, but it is already decently difficult to get all 5 on an opponent.

I don't think the refresh is what it truly the problem. I will hope some people will take this into consideration, or even help to improve or come up with better ideas.

I also don't even think there is a need for a nerf to Darius and that he is well balanced. There majority of players that complain are refusing to understand that part of the problem is the failure to handle him correctly.