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Yaro, The SpellSword

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Well here's a melee ADC that is going to be incredibly OP since he isn't finished yet but his abilities are basically done so he gets his own thread now

Abilities in quotations are potentials in debate.

Passive - United We Stand
When the number of allied champions including Yaro in an area around himself reaches at least 3, all enemies within that radius are all feared for 1 second and allies gain United we stand stacks for each allied champion in the radius. UWS stacks increase damage dealt by 3% per stack. Additional champs that enter the area will cause the effects again as long as allied champions remain in the area. The fear effect can occur every 12 seconds if no additional champions enter the area. UWS stacks decrease as champions leave the area or die, and are completely lost when the number of allied champions fall below 3.

Passive - Skill Rend
Nullifies all abilities targeted at Yaro. Abilities that do physical damage will cause Yaro spin and deal Crescent's effect. Abilities that deal magic damage will embue his sword with Spell Sword. Both will grant stacks every time an ability is nullified depending on the type of damage with magic as priority. Crescent causes him to gain daze stacks and Spell Sword gains overload stacks which increases the Spell Sword damage by 25% per stack. Upon gaining 4 crescent stacks, he will be stunned for 2 seconds and upon gaining 5 Spell Sword stacks, he will be dealt 15% of his HP in magical damage and be knocked back.

Passive - Spotlight
When Yaro attacks a champion, they are marked with spotlight. Champions unmarked cannot damage Yaro but can still inflict status effects. Spotlight changes target when Yaro attacks a new target. Spotlight lasts 20 seconds and is refreshed when struck again.

Q - Force Outburst
Passive - Increases power when condition is healthy. Boosts AD when over 50% HP. When HP is under 50%, AD is decreased by 70% of the percentage of HP lost.
Passive AD Increase| 60/70/80/90/100%

Active - Boosts AD further for 8 seconds. When duration ends, Yaro's HP is decreased by 80% of his current HP.
Mana Cost| 50/55/60/65/70
Active AD Increase| 160/170/180/190/200%
Cooldown| 30/28/26/24/22

W - Life Render
Passive - Deals damage based on target's Max HP.
Damage| 1/1.75/2.5/3.25/4% + 1% of AD

Active - Increases damage dealt to target for 5 seconds, passive will be inactive until ability is ready again.
Mana Cost| 25
Damage Increase| 8/11/14/17/20%
Cooldown| 17

E - Pursuit
Passive - When struck by a ranged attack from a champion, this ability becomes active for 1.5 seconds.

Active - Dashes behind target, and attacks them with a basic attack knocking them back a distance of 100 if they are still facing Yaro. If target's back is turned, dashes in front of them rather than behind. Increases attack speed for 5 seconds after target is struck.
Mana Cost| 45
Attack Speed Increase| 30/40/50/60/70%
Cooldown| 5/4.5/4/3.5/3

Ultimate - Knight Rush
Charges at a target champion. If champion's back is turned, they are dealt massive damage and knocked back. If target is facing Yaro, both become untargetable for the duration of the ability. If ranged, they are struck and stunned for an additional 1.5 second when the ability ends. If melee, the two lock weapons. The champion with a higher AD and better condition will win the showdown. If target's status is better, Yaro is knocked back. If Yaro's status prevails, the target will be knocked up and then struck down and be stunned for 2 seconds.
Mana Cost| 120/150/180
Range| 700
Damage| 400/450/500 + 150% AD
True Damage if retreating| 400/500/600 + 150% AD
Knockback on Yaro| 600
Knockback on target| 200
Cooldown| 80/70/60

Ultimate - Da Capo [Toggle]
Yaro anchors himself to his past disallowing any harm to come to him as long as he can sustain Da Capo. Cannot move a large distance while anchored.
Radius| 400/600/800
Mana Cost| 100 per second (Any time he would take damage, 50 mana is drained)

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