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[game suggestion] camera rotation

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I have an idea that is to play in the purple field is much more comfortable, because as a field that slopes upward purple team loses visibility, especially those who play in the bot lane, adding the center HUD and minimap lose very many vision. It is much more comfortable playing in the blue field to not have these drawbacks. So my idea is to be able to rotate the camera about 35 degrees to put straight on the same level both fields. This would greatly facilitate the players who play with fixed camera as a bot lane lover like me, when I get to the field I have to desfijar purple camera and it makes me really uncomfortable playability. Especially when they have Ezreal, Blitzcrank or skillshoots character because I can hardly esquivarmelos and I then lose my line.

I am posting an example of what I suggest



I'm not a master of photoshop but I hope that you see that the idea of what I mean

And too a master of English so used Google Translater.

Well also I have to say that I've been playing this game since closed beta so im not a new player inspired by imagination, I just had the idea from experience and feedback from people.