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LoL Jungle/Ward Timer App. Artist Needed for Logo!

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I am in need of an artist to create App icons for my application. I am making a jungle/ward timer for the game. It will have voice commands so players can hear respawn time and it will have all monsters/inhibs timer. It is easy to use and free!
The Requirements are below:
- Individual *.png files with sizes of 36x36px, 48x48px, 72x72px and 170x170px.
- dark/jungle looking theme
- includes the sprite below or a modified version of the sprite


*Credit will be given on the 'About' tab in the app. App will be distributed over Google Play and Android Devices. If enough funds are gained a Mac/iPhone/iPad version will be released as well. Artist will receive a free pro-version (ad free) of the app as a further thanks for helping.*