New ranked system points.

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So I'm silver division one and ive been back and fourth to this bracket two times. I used to get 22+ points when i won and -15 points when i lost. And now I'm getting 9-14 (Usually 9) And when i lose i get like 8. Anyone care to explain? It's like the same ratio.

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You get your points based on your hidden rating, but also based on your rating compared to the other teams ratings. If you're getting more points when you win than you lose on losses, your rating is higher than where u currently are on the ladder, if vice versa, your rating is lower than where you are on the ladder and the game is trying to balance where you're sitting with your hidden rating. The more games you've played, and in your case its over 500, the system assumes that you're more or less where you should be and it will reward you fewer points for wins and punish you less for losses. This is because they don't want someone in silver 3 to go on a 15 game lucky winning streak and end up in gold 1 when they really cant compete at that level. In order to see real progress you're going to have to prove that you can consistently play at a higher level, which means winning enough to get your hidden rating higher than your current spot on the ladder, and then continue winning to see better point gains.