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Moar esports access

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It is wicked difficult to find the links for the LCS esports stuff. This is probably the most awesome thing riot has going for it right now, and I really would like to see it be more accessible for players in general.

My suggestions:

1) Add a link inside the LoL client home page. You have a nice easy link for us to watch random people queuing up in ranked. Can we get one linking us to the pros' matches?

2) Do something to improve google search results for related terms. I don't know how that's done, but I'd be shocked if it was an unmanageable goal for a company trying to break into e-sports. My super-basic, minimal-internet-knowledge version: Google works off of a modified algorithm with its basis in links referring other people to websites. Get more people to create links to your website.

3) Put a nice big link on your homepage. I have no idea why this isn't there already. Is there a reasonable explanation for this? Yes, I know it is hidden under your "Competitive" Tab. But having a pro league is frigging awesome and you should be pushing it like it's an addictive and illegal product.

4) Consider putting together a weekly review of the LCS play and putting it up in your patch. Even if you can't afford Phreak's exorbitant announcer fees, just putting together a written summary might be a nice way to go. This is way more work than some of the other options I've suggested, but I would really like to see more integration between the amateur playing module and the pro esports aspect.

If anybody else can think of something (or would like to keep the ideas around so someone can see them), please add. Alternately, flame away, maybe these ideas rub you the wrong way.

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Entire website dedicated to streaming all the matches for NA and EU. You can watch any previous match, check the schedule, look up players/teams/whatever. Really wish people would take 4.3 seconds to look for something before taking 5 minutes to write a ridiculous waste of time post asking for something that's already available.

Your comment about riot trying to "break" into e-sports is pretty funny, considering it is by far the biggest game in esports. Most of the other fans are able to use the LoL website or google...

And Phreak works for riot. Shoutcasting is a major part of his job, he's salaried.