New system for normal game que's-- need some attention people-- lets vote!

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Normal Game Que’s

Before I start discussing my new idea about Normal Game Que’s, I need to clarify that this system is NOT the system of World Of Warcraft’s raid finding system or any similar systems. The system I will be talking about is actually a in-game system, where it will take place after people que and find an active match.

To hook all you guys up in the topic I will give an overview of how the system works. Then I will try to categorize pros and possible cons of the system. I will be appreciated if you guys also contribute with your comments for this system so we can fix the cons of this system.
Ps: Even though English is not my native language, I have been taking English lessons since primary school but still I may suck at grammer so Apologies for any mistakes I will going to make from now on.


So the system starts as we normally try to find a match and wait until all the other players to accept the que that found.

Stage 1
After getting in the room, 5 BIG rectangles( or circles) will pop up in the middle of the screen, indicating TOP, MID, JUNGLE, ADC, SUPPORT and RANDOM. All of the 5 players will be eligible to pick whatever role they want. After the initial choice have been made, there will be a small amount of additional time so that players can change their role if they change their minds. After the additional time, all players will lock-in in terms of their choice they made earlier.

Stage 2 , Players:1,2,3,4,5
Okey so lets assume that Player 1 requested Jungle, Player 2 and Player 3 requested Mid and Player 4 and 5 requested Solo Top. Player 1 will get Jungle as he/she was the only one requesting Jungle and it was his/her prior lane. Player 2 and Player 3 will have a fair roll between them( You can assume the same system as in WOW when 2 people needs an item) so the player who hits higher score out of 100 will have the MID lane. Lets assume Player 2 gets the MID Lane. The same procedure will be applied for the players who wanted TOP and lets assume player 4 gets the TOP lane.

So we have Player 1 , 2 and 4 settled in Jungle, Mid and Top. So what will happen to player 3 and 5 ? It is simple. The options Jungle, Mid and Top will fade away from those players screens and they will choose between ADC and Support. And same procedure will apply if they both choose ADC or Support etc. However I also have a different idea about FAIR ROLLS which I will discuss later under the topic “DETAILS OF THE SYSTEM”.

So if all the players want mid then you now what will happen consequently, or if some player choose Random then they will logically assigned after all the other players choose a lane. The Drawback of this may come up as “what if we want to do something else rather then following the standard lane concepts ?” . Well we will always going to have the CHAT LOG and people will be able to communicate during the Lane Picks. For example if 2 players say that they are “premade” and they want bot lane, people can still let them go bot and pick the other remaining lanes. Or if all the players want to rush mid, they can stil do that even though they are assigned different lanes.

The system is simple as this even though I will talk more about the details of this system as it will require much more flexible options when you que with your friends,etc.

But first I want to talk about WHY WE SHOULD APPLY THIS SYSTEM ?

1)Well first of all current normal game que system is NOT FAIR(as you can easily guess why). Lets assume that I accepted a game que and joined the room. I have a custom PC which you can assume like an Origin PC and the other player who joined has a decent laptop. How is he/she going to write “Mid” faster then me ? So you got the point. You can tell that people can communicate and trade lanes if they wanted to but we all know that more then 50% of the games, people just write whatever the lane they want and the first person who wrote the lane first gets the lane. So yes here we go, the FIRST BIG reason.

2)Even though you wrote Mid first, we now lots of TROLLS who says “Mid or Feed” , “I said first!”, etc. And what they do is to instalock champions and say that they will play mid no matter what. Well first of all even though they are trolls, in certain ways they are right because like in the first reason maybe they just cannot write mid faster then you can write because they have a decent PC. Secondly with my system we give all players equal rights to choose their preffered lanes and even though they fail to get their desired lanes it will be because of a FAIR ROLL not because of PC differences. So I strongly believe that it will reduce the amount of Trolls in game.
3)You do not need to rush when you hit the accept button! We will going to chill and choose whatever lane we want so the amount of stress will be reduced!


Okey there is lots to talk about so I will try to categorize as much as I can.

First of all, this system will apply only for the players who reached level 30 or who is quing with a friend who reached 30. So that players below level 30 will still be able to que up with his/her 30 level friends.(Even though I hate when people below 30 joins my game :P ). This restriction have been placed so that players who is below 30 can still continue to learn the game more independent of what lane they prefer.

-FAIR ROLL-Chance Of Winning ( Concept )
This concept is may sound a bit utopic idea and thats why I still write this as concept, even though it may be a great idea if it can be improved.
The idea is simple, if one player receives lots of reports, their chance of winning a roll over a lane will be reduced. This may become messy as it has to follow a ratio in order to follow a mathematical algorithm. But why not ? If one player is receiving positive feedbacks and if the other player is keep being reported all the time, why not we adjust their chance of winning over a lane so that this will also PROMOTE players to play more friendly rather then rage-quit and get reported everytime.

-Quing With A Friend, FLEXIBILITY

So this is one of the crucial aspect of this system which maybe seen as a drawback but I will try to prove it otherwise.

First of all this so called drawback is countered because we will still going to have Chat Log. As I explained in the section: “Overview of the System” people do not necassarily have to go their assigned lanes if they want to try a new meta or a madness. If they are friends this will not even going to be problem because no matter what lane they choose they can go whatever lane they want.
But if you que up with a friend for a normal game que and if you want bot lane to play together, your chance to win ADC And Support will be higher then the other players in your team. This is because Support is the least preferred role and if there is a premade in your team who want to play together in bot lane I strongly believe that thay need to have better chance of winning the bot lane. But other then that it will be strict fair roll between players no matter how many premades there are in your team.

When you solo que or que with your friends for normal games, probably more then 98% of the games will follow the standard laning rule which you will have a Solo Top, Jungle, Mid and a Bot Lane. People generally try something new in terms of champions, based on their lane in the game.(i.e: Skarner Mid, Blitz Jungle, Sona adc, Rengar support etc.). We can still be able to do all of these little crazy picks in this new system also! So it does not effect our flexibilaty in the game!

-Additional Report Option for this System

Even though this system will definitely going to improve Normal Game system we all now that there will be players who will troll no matter what ( Well LOL is a game which has no age restriction and it is free to play ! So we can not ignore the probability of an immature kid to troll the game ). So in order to reduce these trolls there will be a unique report option at the end of the game which only players who share the same team can use. The idea is simple, if any player refuse to go their assigned lane and troll the game, players will have the option to report them. This will be only within teams because if the players from the opposing team can have the option to report for “Refusing to go assigned lanes” then they may misuse this option just to abuse other players. So it will be out of option.

• ”I reported that player so what ?” This is the same concept I have been thinking as “Chance Of Winning”. Players chances of winning can be adjusted based on the reports they receive during the season. So that people will again be promoted not to TROLL during games.

I know its been a long writing but if you came this far, I want to say “Thank You” for reading this mini-article about the new system. I’am looking for all of you guys views about this system so that Riot accept this new system and I might even get a job from Riot :P . Thanks!

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