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Junglers are still starved for gold! :/ (long)

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Belay My Last



I'm just a silver jungler , but from watching saint's jungleology and just about every stream he does I have learned a couple things. The biggest one is that you do in fact get good gold from the jungle. You can finish basic items very fast if you just jungle... The way saint jungles works for me pretty well, I get yelled at more often because I don't gank as much as other players would but come mid game I'm usually 1-2 levels higher then enemy jungler.

I just think that the way you jungle is changing and mostly turning into farming mostly and only ganking when it is safe and efficient to. Clear the whole jungle then look for opportunities. It's working for me, saint's streams are very informative and helps more then people might say.

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Senior Member


I really don't ever feel starved unless I get somehow behind (ie a bad gank where I f up and die or a counterjungle i cant win/escape from)..

I dunno... I feel fine. I dont feel rich, but I feel in a good place.

If your lanes are pushed get a GB for a first item and tower dive. Seriously. GB+cloth armor=win.