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Help with Zed

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Romantic Metro

Senior Member


That's a really good reflex.

But, i dont know why but i never seen good zed that could acutally poke me. It was always me that poke him lol. And the flash tech i mentionned is valid early game. He wont be able to nuke you while you will (usually). (BTW im a heimerdinger player so im not impressed by any match up haha)

heimdinger is tough. I imagine a good one would stand back and let his turrets do the damage. I have yet to face him so I can't speak to much on it. I would think he would have that advantage but I could probably push him to a stall if I stay back and let my ghost and shurikens do the work on the creeps. Sometimes the best thing a zed can do is just keep a mid laner that's good is honest and have to stay in lane instead of roam. Heimdinger that would be a great match up to test against.

Flash tech is still valid yes, I've had my ult nullified plenty of times. Just recently in a ranked game I had a kayle and a lulu block me all game. Fortunately that meant they were focused on stopping me that my adc a Graves would just stomp all over them. It would have been better for me and possibly the team had I timed it better? For sure. Still they had to pop their ults on someone who was low health and allowed my team to finish them off. People sometimes forget that zed can still duel pretty strong and deal damage like a boss with his w and e which acts as a slow. He's not as useless without his ult like some people tend to believe. He in my opinion is a split between akali and pantheon in a sense. Strong damage output reliant on his combo but still packs a punch. I actually scored a quadra right after my ult was nullified a couple days ago. Woulda been a penta buuuuut the adc got the support first :P.

The reason why I'm not to worried about the hard cc is because i'm usually poking then diving in after i see the ults and the snares going. The true person I worry about the most is mumu. His radius is pretty good and can catch me at the right time, but I rarely have to deal with him in ranked matches.

The tank is not my job to deal with until after the adc and ap are dead. That being said I've had plenty of fail moments with zed. I like to think I'm proficient with zed but not amazing or anything like that. Also the great initiations by the likes of mumu and malph I generally don't stay near the entire group when they pop their ults.

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some champion is against zed like jarvan , xin shao , talon , fiora and garen
i think