When is ARAM matchmaking coming?

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I really do enjoy ARAM. The concept is just great to me: a for-fun game that emphasizes constant team fights and is really a great way to learn lesser-used champs in PvP.

However, some of the glaring issues in this game mode are rendering it unplayable.

- It's incredibly frustrating to deal with constant leavers in champ select. I honestly don't care who I get, but it gets old having to go through the champ select screen over and over.

- Please find a way to prevent teams from deliberately stalling at the end. I just concluded a 4v5 game. In this game, we did very well overall (ahead in kills most of the game), but ultimately, we found ourselves down to one base turret and were aced. The enemy team then proceeded to intentionally not end the game. To make matters worse, 2 of my teammates kept killing all the creep in the base (and would die in the process). Eventually, one of these players got tired of it too, and the minions finally got the Nexus. But this went on for literally 10 minutes.

- Allow each team captain to ban one champion from the enemy team. In other words, the captain can look at the 5 existing enemy champs and choose which one to ban. The banned champ's player would then get a new random champ.

- Allow an option to actually prevent summoners under level 30 to enter games. Maybe also add an option that summoners must own 20 champs (random number) as well?

Thoughts on any/all of these?