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Dominion Waiting Time is too long and SUGGESTION

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Dominion waiting time is too long. Sometimes even an hour has passed and it still cannot find a match. It just takes way longer than the system waiting time to find a match. It is a bad cycle since people are waiting so long, then less people would like to play dominion due to the long waiting time, then more time for the system to find the match and much more waiting time for the players. So I have a suggestion for this problem.

You can divide the games for two categories.

The first one is fast game. So that people can join the game and find the match in a short time. In this mode, people can play with each other with all kind of level without being selected by the system based on their level or their "elo". Which mean, a level 1 player can play with level 30 players. So people can find the match faster to begin.

Then the second one is the current original system I guess. Players are selected to join the match by the system analysis. People with the same level of skills can play with each other. So low level will play with low level. High level will play with high level. It likes the original elo system.

Sorry for my bad English. But this is my suggestion. Thank you for your kind attention.

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You're 2 years late on finding this out, bubs.