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Matchmaking Fails for Normal

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Vodka Scene



I support the above posts

I haven't had a GREAT game in a while its usually

one lane might be winning ok then the other 2 are doing awful and feed constantly

either my team totally dominates everything or we get completely **** on

And i dont want to blame roles or anything like OMG THE JUNGLER WAS AWFUL but when people are just not filling their positions properly or get forced into a certain position they do terrible

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Senior Member


Look at it from this side of the coin...

After putting 1000+ hours into dota 2 I came to try League where the majority of my friends were playing. Seeing as they were all in the 400-1000+ win range I decided I will avoid attempting to play carry role until I was more familiar with the different champions and how their abilities can be manipulated in game.

Throughout my games (still haven't hit the 100 win mark) I primarily played support and have maintained about a 70% win rate in this role.

Now I find I am in the situation where when I solo q I am always the lowest win count in my games, with the majority of people in the 700-1000+ win range (seriously I have not seen someone under 3-400 wins in 30+ solo ques). Makes things a bit frustrating trying to learn new roles (especially trying to learn vlad) when your constantly laned against people with over 5x your win-rate (which may or may not depict their skill but definitely depicts they have more exposure to the game). Now on the bright side of this, I feel I am learning the roles at an expedited rate playing against more challenging opponents that have obviously played them before - so while its frustrating at times there is an upside atleast.

I was originally told that normals take nothing into consideration when matching aside from win count, I simply cannot imagine this being true... if it is, it certainly is not currently working correctly.

You have a hidden normal elo that is what the matchmaking system uses to decide who you should be matched with, as your winning a higher % of your games your raising your elo faster so your playing people with more wins.