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Rant on bronze...

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I don't know what to do with these problems and I want to get out of bronze!

-People don't get there lane and complain and have negative attitudes the entire game whining and feed, say they don't care and give up 5 min in blaming the rest of the team for not letting him have his "Special spot"
-AFK in the begging of the round, come back after 13 min and say sorry
-People who complain about everyone else on there team and talk **** the entire game and wont work together
-Entire team who wont stay together, at all... They just leave and can't grasp the concept of league of legends being a team based game.
-People who rage 5 min in because the jungle was not pitching a tent in there lane and waiting for 20 minutes
People with less then 15 wins and call everyone else bad but will not change there build or strategy because they think there gods gift to the game.

I want to get out of this and iv tried everything! I corporate, encourage, give up my spots and try to suggest nicely to tweaks champions builds!

Iv seen so many people post here about not getting out of bronze but not having any good points, well here are some good points! Now tell me that when you were in bronze that this didnt anger you to the point of punching a small puppy in the face!

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Just play something you're good at and if you're confident about it then do it.
I literally only played Kassadin from my first ranked game all the way to my like 350th one (318 are with kassadin). I am confident about playing Kassadin in any role except the AD carry (mid top jungle support). If you are good with Jax or something then play Jax mid play Jax jungle play support Jax play Jax top as long as you feel you are able to contribute to your team and perform to the best of your ability. Just put up with the **** they give you in champ select and tell them stuff like "trust" or "bb ily". You cant avoid negative attitude from players forever and you will always find the meta sheeps being all butthurt if you dont play something that was set by the meta.

Adapt to the situation
If team wont let me play Kassadin mid I will play Kassadin top and go bruiser
If team wont let me play Kassadin mid or top I will play Kassadin Jungle and go tanky AP or full tank
If team wont let me play Kassadin mid or top or jungle I will go support Kassadin and go tanky ap
If team banned Kassadin I will play graves or Talon or a purple champ

Experience > Matchup/counterpick
85% individual skill, 15% counterpick

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I felt the same way you did about bronze. Took me forever to get out of Bronze and I was placed in Div 1. Thought once I got to Silver people might start being better or atleast not troll as much. I was wrong. Silver is just as bad as Bronze. So don't think that getting out of Bronze is going to solve all your problems. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good luck out there!

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Capt Poro Snax

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Im not going to suger coat it. Everything you have described happens from bronze to gold. "though less often" Just do what you can to try and lead your team and win your lane. If you keep at it you will eventually break from bronze. Don't get discouraged sometimes it can take a while.