OP champions by lanes

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Mid or I Throw



I just listed some champions I personally think its op

Xin (Thank god Its getting nerfed)
Shen (depends on pilot's map reading and understanding)
Darius (Personally I do not think its op cause gank is his counter but I put it here anyways)
Elise (trending op)
Malphite (Ult and his tankiness)

Khazix (lvl 2 e_>q->q->ignite= First blood)
Zed (Depending on pilot)

Cho Gath
Lee Sin&Shaco (Depending on pilot's hand)
Amumu (Q, R op)

Mostly all balanced. Vayne is op late game but her early game sucks so it balances it out

Thresh (just op. but need good teamwork and understanding of lantern)
Nunu (tanky, great with many adcs, his slow, and ult :P )

Can't think of anything else.
WIll constantly edit.

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I had someone queue dodge today because I banned Elise and Thresh in ranked on my second account because I must be a noob for banning those.