Damage over time team

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Honestly just an idea wondering how effective it be,

A team that is based on Damage over time.

Twitch ADC
Teemo Top
Gangplank Jungle or Duel Top
Cassiopeia Mid
Suggestions on a Support (maybe teemo bot for mushrooms and have Darius Top)

Would all this damage over time good for early game and where would a Damage over time based team run into problems?

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They may have DoT...but all of their damage comes from just straight up attacking. Teemo's comes from his on-hit more than DoT normally..Twitch's DoT doesn't really shine so much late game/mid game since the adc will just lifesteal the health back or the support will heal if needed...Cass..her damage comes from her fangs/ult along with the instant damage from Q..and Darius.....his damage is just W and R..so in all reality there will never be a DoT team since they're just basically relying on their straight up damage..