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REG: Recent Ribbon Display Changes [SUGGESTION]

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There have been many mixed comments regarding the recent removal of players ribbons because of requirement changes. Understanding that the powers that be will make these sort of changes through trial and error over time. We as players can only make suggestions to help out with this process along the way.

I'm sure that we can all agree that certain achievements can be less difficult than others and adjusting rewards and/or awards will forever be an on going process. Although not an easy task but a great idea, awards such as ribbons should be well thought out prior to disbursement. Along with being a successful game platform comes a certain responsibility to the million plus people that are playing it. Recognizing there are that many people playing the game it's fair to say that a very large number of players logged in over the last few weeks and noticed their ribbons had been taken away.

Yes we know as players there is a responsibility to read and watch patch notes as they become available. But to give that visual award to so many players and abruptly take it away was not such a good idea IMHO. I have been with this game since BETA, even watched the patch notes video and still thought it was a glitch error that was not announced yet. When I realized through game chat that it was actually the talked about update it was still hard for me to believe that they were just taken away.

From a players standpoint even today when I am in the loading screen going into game when I see my ribbons are missing I feel (for a lack of a better word) sh-tty about it.

Now all the RIOT staff from Engineers to Development and the big boss down are always asking for feedback and suggestions. This by no means is a troll post but only my honest opinion and suggestions.

If you start out with reasoning the first question that comes to mind would be:

"Do you think that maybe we should have added a few more colored ribbons and set the new goal level achievements on them?"

(Rather then having hundreds of thousands of players logging in to find their award ribbons have been stripped from their champion views.)

Not everyone watches the patch notes right away which is their choice but my point being we are talking about huge amount of players here.

It is understandable finding the right solutions take time and that changes will be made to keep the game on an even playing field. In the same respect it's not a good idea to let players achieve certain awards and then just take them away.

This game is tough enough, we only recognize ranked statistics and now you can only play 5 man ranked with 2 people or a team. Now with the new ranking system nobody wants to play with friends on lower levels. If unfortunately you are in the "Bronze" divisions rage would be an understatement regarding the decision making results in the champ select process. Many players are now confused if it's "who called what" or "the picking order" regarding their rightful choice in what role they will play and where. Henceforth a beloved troll is born at this early stage of the game. Yeah we can live with all that but taking away the ribbons IMO was not a cool thing to do.

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Wickid Ninja

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Play honorably and you will get your ribbon back.

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Wickid Ninja:
Play honorably and you will get your ribbon back.

You say that but they release a patch almost every week and each time I loose my ribbon and I have to get it back. At this point I think their a waste of time. If I have it my thoughts are now "okay I have it until the next patch and then they remove it AGAIN." and this is what all the players are thinking. if you put a gold star next to someones name for being good it may make them continue to do good. but the moment you remove that star and say to bad so sad the star becomes worthless and people loss interest.

Another thing to think about is most people aren't happy when they loose and don't honor people just because they are mad. I could have gone 10 game in a row cracked jokes with the enemy team the whole time and had blast and still I won't get one honor because they lost.

the best solution i can come up with would be you can get a ribbon once you reach level 30, and you get a ribbon if you are above a percent of the number of honors people currently have. for example if the highest number of honors on record is lets say 300 and the average is about 57 then to get the ribbon you should have to hit around 80 or 90 honors to get a ribbon and then you have it it's permanently.

This system needs to be fixed if it's to easy then figure out a way to make it more difficult but raising the bar each patch isn't the answer. The only thing that does is make people view the ribbons as not worth the effort.