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How to play garen

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this tutorial show you how to play garen like a boss


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First, I wouldn't so much as call it a "tutorial on playing Garen like a boss." More like how to show a selfish side, or sloppy side with some kill stealing splashed in, at various points of the game. Sort of like a Darius Syndrome for dummies, especially against a super soft and slow Heimerdinger, since utilizing Garen well is easier than you think. Was also glad for the mute button, because I didn't hear anything useful, enlightening, or entertaining to accompany the video. Usually a tutorial offers advice on what items to get, what masteries to slot, what skills to max out as quick as possible. In my opinion, I saw an e-peen video looking for approval from peers, whether greater or lesser(most likely from lesser) in experience with League of Legends.